Producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer...

Donn DeVore produces music in many different styles ranging from guitar-based indie rock to electronic music to cinematic orchestral pieces.  He demonstrates a broad range of musical talent performing live  or performing improvised solos on guitar or keyboards.  His virtual live shows incorporate video screens and 3D visual effects combined with a live musical performance to create an immersive experience for audiences.

As a trained musician and audio engineer Donn has worked with thousands of artists on hundreds of studio projects, including film and game soundtracks in his 25+ year career.  He toured the U.S. in 2013 and shared his music with audiences online in Second Life since 2007.  

Donn discovered his talent for music at an early age learning keyboards and guitar through formal lessons but mostly by ear. In high school, he played guitar and sang in metal bands in the Houston area, collected guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, pedals, and as much audio gear as he could acquire.  He spent nights recording and learning old songs, making demo tapes, studying music, recording technology,  theater, and art.  He went on to study music and recording at San Jacinto Community College in Pasadena, Texas and in 1997 he studied audio engineering at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona.

Donn has worked in the recording industry as chief engineer at Ironwood Studios in Seattle and eventually became owner/operator, working on Grammy award-winning albums, recording thousands of talented musicians on hundreds of projects. He spent years learning from seasoned engineers and producers and recording hundreds of projects with major-label and independent musicians.

In 2013 he formed the band Donn DeVore and the Cutie Marks to perform fandom based music at conventions, venues, and parties. He continues to work with independent musicians as a freelance audio engineer in addition to performing weekly live stream shows.

A native of Houston, Texas, he has traveled the United States many times with years spent growing up in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Washington State.  Donn currently enjoys life in Vancouver, Washington.