Telepathic Alien Communication

Donn DeVore

In 2015 I was communing with an alien presence while in the depths of a mushroom ceremony. She helped me shed my desire for nicotine and find a path of healing. These sounds are the patterns, melodies and alien voices I discovered echoing in hyperspace.

produced using Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Protools, Roland Aira range: System 8, TR-8, TB-3, MX-1, Roland XP50, TAL SH101 and Juno60 VST, Xpand2, Logic EVP88, Logic ES2 VSTs, Fender Stratocaster HSS
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Brony music

A Year in Equestria


Dear Princess Celestia,

Last year I discovered the beauty of Equestria and have truly enjoyed my time here. I spent a year learning the songs of your beloved ponies while composing music inspired by their angelic voices, their laughter and their tears, hoping to one day share those tears of happiness with others through music.

I present to you these songs inspired by a love for the music and ponies of Equestria.

your faithful student,

P.S. Pony music is best music.
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